Monday, February 4, 2008

My self n Hubby himself ver 1

hi there! Assalammualaikum n greetings all! a bit introduction of who i am... in case u wanna know..hehehe.. my name is kind a long so juct call me nadya.. i was born on 25th august. the year would be secret :P at Muar, johor. my hometown is actually Tangkak, johor. i am the 4th among my 5 siblings.. i'm the one who has a very unpredictable mood, but in the same time i'm very tough! 

studied in tangkak obviously, then continue my secondary school at MJSC muar, then futher my diploma @ KUTKM noe known as UTeM. finish my studied on 2006. and being awarded my diploma on august 2006..such a great moment!

after finish my studied, i did several muar and also JB yaul! heheee then finally i got my dream job. hahaa currently working in upsi. for quit a numbers of years now.Gosh!! long time already..hahah but i'm staying in selangor.. just gonna keep u in perak, stay in selangor..keh3

i got married with my monkey love "cinta monyet" heheh.. just call him wan. i know him since form 2. n our relationship has it ups n down.. in 2007 finally we got maried.. n in 2009 we have our own child. a girl. n we name her maira.. n so this is my story bout me n abit about my life.... 

so enjoy reading my blog! n leave your comment to dear!! cheers.  alll!!!

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