Tuesday, January 12, 2010


setelah memendam rasa, kematu jari  hampir 2 bulan. akhirnya...... taaadaaaa

this is my new handphone~ her name is "CIK HTC"

this is actually not a really up 2 date model. she was born in the year of 2007. her youngest i don't know sister or brother is the HTC cruise 09. my hubby give me this PDA kind of phone as present coz previously i bought him one..when his phone damage! kira seri la skrg ni..huhuuu.. he post it by skynet.. kunun wanna make me suprise.. but suddenly i have 2 pick up the the phone myself..hahaha.. coz during the delivery aku xde kat umah..

it takes about 30 minute for me to read the user manual n 2 install the phone.. as u know..this is not an ordinary phone. PDA's is quit complicated n sensitive. so, i'm taking precaution or else i would brake it down..heheee..this phone got several function which i like!! i've told cik wan before..i wanna hp like this..but not really a PDA.it has WiFi, Radio, camera, 3G, HSDPA, and the one that i love most is the GPS..
last week when we go to Kuantan we used the GPS to find our fren house.. n its work!!! jakun benau je aku ni ye?? but for touch phone... biasala sume org tau.. sensitive skit.. n take time nak biasakan diri on using it.. one thing yg lagi best pasal hp ni...maira xintersted on chewing it.. so slamat la phone ni dr air liur dia..heheee aku dah kaji mungkin sbb dia leh nampak muka dia on phone, as the phone surface ckit2 cam mirror..mungkin 2 dia xberkenan nak mengisapnye 2.hahaaa

anyway...thanx byk2 pd cik wan.. i janji take care hp ni mcm u take care hp yg i bg 2 ye... lap u dear!!

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