Monday, August 24, 2009

hehehe...lawak abis..jom tgok ni!

salam sume.. slamat berpose.

dlm mengharungi dugaan pose ni.aku cuba cr benda2 berpekdah kat tenet..tbe2 terserempak dgn web 15Malaysia.ape 2?? "15Malaysia is a short film project. It consists of 15 short films made by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. These films not only deal with socio-political issues in Malaysia, they also feature some of the best-known faces in the country, including actors, musicians and top political leaders. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia."

aku nak kasi korang gelak dgn menonton short film yang ber tajuk POTONG SAGA.enjoy!!

upcoming short film yg pasti akan aku tgu2.. tajuk HALAL.hehee adibah noor, i love her!!

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