Thursday, June 16, 2011

father's day[wonder how's life without ur dad??]

1st of all HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all father and father-to-be out there.. especially to my dearest husband. u r the coolest daddy in the world! i said this on behalf of maira of course!

wondering how's life would be w/out ur daddy?abah?papa?ayah? i have my own experience to be shared.

watching how closed maira to her father make me wonder.. how am i being a child w/out a father? literally... my mum n dad divorced when i was a child. i still can't remember the precious moment i did spend with him.. all that i remember is we have like a sleep over to his house during school holidays.. n other than life is full with mak here..mak there.. no memory space with ayah.

lately, me and mak having kinda heart to heart chit chat.. i ask her about am i and my brother deal with growing up moments w/out ayah.

mak said... there are some time when my brother and i would ask about ayah. n what mak always said is that 'ayah working' and as an obedient child.we never ask more. but what makes mak sad is when,we (my brother and i) used to call my babysister's husband as 'Ayah'.. we used to think and shared the love from him.and sometime when we see other people hugging and playing with their father.. mak said, we would always stair to we are hoping that we could do the same..

i feel really touch when i heard about this. i can't barely remember..coz at that time i was just around 8 years old. ayah passed away when i was 12 years old. the last thing that i remember is that ayah told me to study hard for my UPSR. n he promised to gave me present if i get straight A's in UPSR. but he died before i even take my examination. and i still remember that i cry during my 1st paper of my UPSR examination..thinking of what he said and promise to me :(

now it's my turn to raise my own child. i can see how it's really important for a child to get the love from their parents..i can see maira closed to her daddy. and every time when her dad came back from work.she would greet her more than she greed me.with hugs and kisses.. i don't mind coz i understand the bonding between daughter and father..

for those who still have father.don't ever forget them. wish a happy fathers day to them. and for those who have lost your father..let recite Al-Fatihah for them............................ may the rest in peace........
ayah... i miss u.... :(


  1. al fatihah....sedeyla nad....semoga beliau ditempatkan dikalangan org yg beriman


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