Monday, October 15, 2012

5th anniversary Photo shoot - Sungai Bil, Perak

on 17th November 2012, our marriage will reach 5 years n still counting insyaAllah. since hubby wont be around at that time so we decide to do an early photo shoot session with my dearest k.fisa othman.

photoshoot ni kiteorg buat dkt Sungai Bil, tanjung malim, Perak. actually we have few location, like sungai samak, kalumpang resort and also proton city.. tp rezeki nak bergambar kat sini agaknye.. jejak kaki je terus set-up. but overall it was fun!! dah lama xjadi model kan :P

so..lets enjoy the picture!!

my not-a-supermodel pose :P

hang kuah & puteri hang ke po :P

posing pandang2 each others
this picture shows how we are not so beza ketinggian ye..
cc. cik wan :P

u are always in my heart pose :P

last but not lease... his most favorite pose
i wil never forget u my dear.. 
oh so suit.... (-_-)

actually byk lg shoot2 lain. but i dont feel like sharing it here (posing buruk) hahahaha... 
this week would be the last week wan ada dkt Malaysia.. tp dia tak dibenarkan untuk jumpa family.. kami akan jumpa last on 22th October dekat TUDM subang.. itu pun just 2 hours :(  kedekutla ATM ni.. bagila lama skit kan? hehe

for now, i am ready!! insyaAllah 1 year would be very short (yakin...yakin..yakin...) lagipun now a dyas technology dah canggih. we can always communicate through facebook n Skype! so for the meantime nak menunggu wan balik.. i would be busy handling maira (for sure) and also business!! insyaAllah. 

nampak mcm kuat semangat ke? nope! i still hope that i could get support from my friends n family!! kene tinggal mmg perkara biasa, but then the distance does matter in this case! wan kata this would be the 1st and might not be the last.. urm..... ade harapan for other mission ke? who knows??? 

so till then.. i just give my whole heart n spirit n believe to Allah. hanya yg terbaik dr-Mu ya Allah. semoga kekuatan sentiasa ada bersamaku.permdahkanlah urusan ku...amin...

for my dear husband,
i am proud of u! do it for our nation n for Islam. Fisabilillah!!!

---- dengan rela hati, saya lepaskan awak pergi ------

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